Millette Núñez

Acroyoga & Thai Massage

In 2011, Mimi was working as a Spanish teacher by day and as a yoga and Zumba® instructor by night. During this time, she was introduced to Acro and her life and body were turned upside down. While she was always passionate about teaching, she realized that her real inspiration came from learning and teaching movement. A year later, she quit her job as a school teacher to travel and share Acro with everyone on her path.

Mimi’s love of movement has resulted in certifications in yoga, Zumba®,
levels I and II of AcroYoga®, Partner-Acrobatics and Thai massage. Currently, Mimi is serving as part of the teacher training team at Partner-Acrobatics and spends her time teaching workshops and classes at studios and festivals worldwide.

Mimi has been traveling the world and sharing her love for acro since 2012. A seasoned teacher, she understands the importance of setting high standards while simultaneously building people's beliefs in their own capacities. She creates an environment in which students are challenged, feel safe to take risks and are supported to learn. Known for her positive demeanor, high energy and encouraging style of communication, Mimi loves to have fun and remind others how awesome they are.